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Employment Opportunity

Senior Computer Technical Specialist 
Application Deadline 12/07/2020

The Marcus Whitman Central School District is seeking an experienced, energetic Senior Computer Technical Specialist to join our team in supporting instructional and operational technologies across the District. We are always learning new things and need someone who enjoys keeping up with ever-changing technologies! 
This is a senior level technical specialist position, involving responsibility for working directly with students and staff in determining their technical needs, developing equipment specifications, installing hardware and desktop operating software, managing mobile devices, security and applications, administration of network software, resolving technical difficulties and equipment failures. Involves extensive responsibility in the administration of Local Area Networks and multiple Directory Services (Active Directory & Office 365, Google Admin & Gmail, Mobile Device Management). Requirements: Active Directory, Google Apps and simple scripting experience; supervision of others; must take great PRIDE in working for the District.
This is a Yates County civil service position. Applicants must reside in Ontario, Yates, Schuyler, Seneca or Steuben counties and complete a civil service application available  at
Email cover letter and resume to by Monday, December 7th, 2020.

You're still reading? Call it what you want- the official title is Senior Computer Technical Specialist. Others have called it Head Geek, Sysadmin, Network Administrator.  Whatever the title, we are looking for someone to keep up with changing technology, understand how it can support teaching & learning, keep our network and information safe, be nice to people, and work well with others on a team. We have  an enterprise network, with many layered systems. Communication and attention to detail are key! We work hard to ensure that technology supports teachers and students instead of getting in their way. If you think you may be a good fit, please email your resume and cover letter to the email above. 

What does someone in this job do all day? 
Performs setup and administrative tasks of user and device management in multiple Directory Services (Active Directory, Office 365, GSuite Admin Console & Gmail); 

Researches, designs and maintains desktop/device, anti-virus and user security policies for network, pc’s, Macs, mobile devices, Android and Chrome devices;  

Manages application distribution and updates to devices through multiple directory services ;

Installs and maintains hardware and peripheral equipment on the data network, including PC's, Macs, printers, iPads, Chromebooks, scanners, Smart boards, projectors, network cameras, and other emerging devices;  

Maintains and troubleshoots wireless network access points and systems;

Installs and configures hardware and software for client computers/devices ;

Diagnoses and repairs problems associated with hardware, software and/or the network that impact client devices;  

Develops and implements schedules to provide preventative maintenance and updates to computers/mobile devices, other hardware and software; 

Analyzes potential problems and takes corrective action;  

Researches new networked hardware and software and devices for users based on needs;

Plans for and implements system upgrades;

Coordinates with hardware and software vendors to address issues;

Maintains work standards, updates and provides on the job training to subordinates;  

Provides technical direction and assigns work to itinerant technical staff and other technicians; 

Installs routine updates to server OS under the direction of the lead Network Analyst;

Develops and implements schedules to provide preventative maintenance and updates to computers/mobile devices, and network hardware and software;

Provides assistance to Network Analyst in resolving and repairing network problems and network equipment;

Administers network content filter settings under the direction of the Technology Director;

Oversees the work performed by subordinates;

Researches, designs and writes simple code to automate workflows, create efficiencies in software installations, updates and fixes; 

Identifies and makes training suggestions, based on analysis of helpdesk issues;

Produces user documentation and may provide occasional simple training for all supported hardware and software systems;

Uses database to track and record helpdesk requests and solutions;

Maintains accurate inventory updates to database throughout the workflow; 

Performs other duties as assigned. 

Phew, that's it.  You've read enough!