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A row of Marcus Whitman busses

Director of Transportation - LeeAnn Shipman

Marcus Whitman Central School District
4000 Baldwin Road
Rushville, NY  14544
Phone: (585) 554-3500
Fax: (585) 554-5500


Student Transportation Requests:

This application is used for PERMANENT daycare / alternate transportation arrangements (example: daycare, alternate parent location). Due to the continued focus on students safety, we will not be able to take permanent transportation information over the phone. For your child’s protection, we require detailed information regarding pick-up and drop off arrangements with a parent or guardian’s signature.

 A separate application is required for EACH student.
 A new application is required for ANY change that is made during the school year.
 A new application is required EVERY school year.

Due to the overwhelming amount of requests being processed we require that all completed forms be
submitted prior to June 1st, so that we may plan our bus routes efficiently. Processing your application may take up to 5 days, so please plan accordingly. Forms received after June 1st will be processed on a first come,
first serve basis due to seating availability. Any request received after August 15th will not be in place when the school year begins in September. You should contact the Transportation Department directly to confirm,the completion of processing. As always, please understand that the first few weeks of school are hectic and busses may not be on “schedule”. Your child may arrive home later than anticipated.
If no application is filed, bussing will be routed to/from the student’s home address.
We look forward to working with you for a successful year.

Please drop off or mail this request to Lee Ann Shipman, Transportation, Marcus Whitman CSD, 4000
Baldwin Road, Rushville, NY 14544. Applications will be processed and forwarded to the child’s school.