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About Us

Core Values
  • Compassion
  • Service to Others
  • Relationships
  • Continuous Growth
  • Global Citizenship
  • Our Environment 
We Believe
  • Each individual can learn.
  • Compassion, relationships, service, and continuous learning are critical to individual development.
  • Our community is responsible for the environment and our global world.
  • The entire community should be committed and engaged in every facet of the educational process and to personal growth.
  • In helping each individual reach their full potential.
  • In the development of our core values as an integral part of each individual's educational process and personal growth.
  • In providing a high-quality education while ensuring fiscal integrity.
  • In providing an educational experience preparing individuals for the future.
Student's Personal Development

Young people at Marcus Whitman CSD will develop self-awareness that nurtures and affirms a strong sense of identity, informs decisions about their actions, and builds a sense of agency.