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Registration Information

Registration and Enrollment of Students
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Registrar: Dr. Clayton Cole
Marcus Whitman High School
4100 Baldwin Rd.
Rushville, NY  14544
Office: (585) 554-6441 ext 1444
Fax: (585) 554-5201

The following steps are outlined to assist parents and/or guardians who wish to enroll students in the school district.  Our school district uses a central registration process, so all students, regardless of grade level, register by setting up an appointment and meeting with the registrar at the Marcus Whitman High School, 4100 Baldwin Rd., Rushville, NY 14544.

How do I register my student?

1. You may obtain an official registration packet via from the appropriate school building office. The packets are grade specific. The packets provide all the necessary forms and outlines the documentation that is required.

2. Contact the Central Registrar at (585) 554-6441 ext 1444 to schedule an appointment or, stop in to the High School Main Office between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. It's best to make an appointment in advance.  You will be required to provide documentation when registering your student.  See Registration Requirements below.

3. After completing the initial registration forms, the school building in which your child will be enrolled will request records from the previous school.  Once records are received, the school will contact you and provide you with a start date for your child. 

Registration Requirements
You must provide the following documents before we can register your student:

1. One form of Documentary Evidence to prove the age of the student.

  • Birth Certificate
  • Record of Baptism
  • State/Government Issued ID
  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Military Dependent ID Card
  • Other Valid Form of Age Documentation

2. Proof of Residency**

  • Driver's License with In-District address AND at least one of the following:
  • Current utility bill or telephone bill
  • Deed/Lease/Rental agreement
  • Tax bill for residence
  • Pay stub
  • State/Government Issued ID
  • Voter Registration Document
  • Other Valid Residency Document

3. Record of Immunizations - NY School Immunization requirements

4. Copy of most recent physical (must have been within 12 months of school start date)

5. Copy of Dental Health Certificate (must have been within 12 months of school start date) (This is recommended)

6. Custody or Guardianship paperwork if you have sole or joint custody of your child

** Note on Residency - We will only register students who have shown proper residency paperwork and are valid inhabitants in the Marcus Whitman School District boundaries. We will follow-up on all students when we feel there is a residency issue.  If registration documents were falsified with regard to residency, we reserve the right to collect tuition for non-resident students.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to provide all of the required documents?
Yes.  You must provide all of the documents listed above, per our Board of Education Policy, to register your student.

How soon before my students begin school?
After all registration requirements are in place, (forms, proofs of residency, custody, etc.), your child's school building will request records from the student's previous school.  The school will then work to place him/her in a class or, develop a schedule for him/her.  You will be contacted with a start date or if additional information is required. If the previous school records are sent along quickly, the student is usually enrolled within a couple days.

Who can register a student?
Only the child's parent or legal guardian can register a student.  Relatives can register a student only when that relative has legal custody of the child.

My former spouse and I share custody of our child.  Can I register him/her?
The parent/guardian with primary custody of the child must register the child.  Additionally, the parent with primary custody must maintain their primary residence within the Marcus Whitman School District boundaries.  The child must spend the majority of the school year with that parent/guardian.

Can I register my child at the building in which he/she will be placed?

No.  We use a central registration process in which parents register their student with the Central Registrar, located at the High School, regardless of grade level or age.  Once the required paperwork is completed, the building in which the child will attend will contact you to complete the registration process.

How do I change my phone number or address?
You can contact the Central Registrar at (585) 554-6441 ext 1444 to make any changes to your child's registration information.