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Superintendent's Office

A message from Dr. Chris Brown
Chris Brown

We have had a terrific start to the school year, and have also been very busy!  First, our students have been extremely friendly and welcoming to me, and that has meant a lot.  Our homecoming was “off the hook”, our Fall sports were very successful, and our Field Band finished third in New York State at the Field Band Championship.  It is hard to believe that the winter sports season is right around the corner, but it is!

The Capital Project has really been picking up pace.  If you have had a chance to drive near the bus garage and school campus on Baldwin Road, you can see that the athletic upgrades are moving closer to being substantially complete.  If you take a ride past Valley Elementary, you can see their new playground (certainly open to the public during non-school times), refaced and repointed exterior brick, and extensive paving.  The interior upgrades are equally as nice.

Gorham Intermediate has also seen a vast number of improvements; though most are on the inside and not visible by a drive-by.

Bids will be opened for Phase II of the project around December 3rd.  That work includes a complete tear out and rebuild of the high school auditorium, gym, technology wing, and vestibules.  This phase also includes the addition of a second floor on the high school that will house an indoor track, fitness center, and multi-purpose room, and be open to the public during non-school times. There will also be complete paving and restriping at the high school campus, as well as a new electronic sign that will be installed near Baldwin Road.  Lots of good things are happening!

Every family and every child are on their own journeys, and many of those journeys include significant challenges.  Our theme this year is to support the “whole child,” and we have been working to add systems and plans to build relationships to help support all of our students.  We are featuring classroom activities and conversations to help accomplish these goals.

To that end, we have added an athletic/social skill building activity called Unified Spots. Unified Sports (currently bowling and basketball) pairs students with disabilities with general education students and they compete as a team against other Unified teams in the area.  Most recently, our students took part in their first bowling match and did quite well.  We look forward to basketball and will let you know how you can become more involved if you would like.

As I mentioned above, the students have been wonderful. If you have a Twitter account, you can quickly and easily take a look at all of the things that our students are up to.  My address is @cbrownmwcsd, if you would like to follow.  We have also streamlined our communication, so if you are on social media, please be sure to follow us on Facebook at, Instagram,, User: Marcuswhitmancsd, and our website

It has been my absolute pleasure to serve you, the students, and our employees, and I am looking forward to what lies ahead.  Thank you.


Chistopher R. Brown, Ph. D.
Superintendent of Schools

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Christopher R. Brown, Ph. D.
Superintendent of Schools