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Superintendent's Office

A message from Dr. Chris Brown
Chris Brown

Well, this has certainly been a different beginning to a school year.  I sincerely appreciate the support and understanding from our community, our employees, and our students during this really challenging time.  I also appreciate all of you who were able to take advantage of our Foodlink food distributions this fall.  We have been talking with Foodlink and hope that they will consider Marcus Whitman as a distribution site in the future; hopefully late winter and/or spring.

Our Capital Project has been moving right along.  In the twenty years I have been a part of construction projects, I have never seen as many people working on a project each day as I have for this one.  The gym and auditorium look amazing, and I cannot wait to see the finished product.  I have never put a second story on a school building, so it has been interesting to see the engineering that goes into making that happen.  I am looking equally forward to having that part of the project finished.  When we are allowed to have community members back in the buildings, we will make a tour available for you once everything is up and completed.

I wanted to let you know that from my vantage point and in spite of the way the school year has had to operate, that material is still being learned, lessons are still being taught, and students are moving forward in very positive ways.  Our average daily attendance both virtually and at school has been excellent, and I see no signs of this stopping.

With more and more cases of COVID happening around us, I want to make sure that we are all able to go remote, should that need ever arise.  We have tested this with success at the middle and high school and hope to do the same with Gorham and Valley on December 3rd, which is a conference day.  Parents who have children in those buildings will learn much more from the principals as we get closer.

The one thing that is shining through again and again and again is how well our children are being raised.  They are rising to the challenge of this “new normal” in many different ways, and I want you to know how proud I am of them. 

Thank you and please remember that much more frequent and up to date information can be found on our website, Facebook page and Twitter.  I wish you the best as we head into the later stages of fall, and the holiday season.

Christopher R. Brown, Ph. D.
Superintendent of Schools

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