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Middlesex Valley Primary School

4 young students doing math with counting blocks

Students at Valley Primary work in small groups to problem solve.

Gorham Intermediate School

4th grade students dissecting flowers

Fourth grade students dissect flowers. 

Marcus Whitman Middle School

middle school students teach each other about the canal locks in Seneca Falls, NY

Team 7 spent a day learning in Seneca Falls by viewing the historic town through several different lenses. We viewed the Finger Lakes town through a mathematical lens at the Seneca-Cayuga Locks, a scientific lens at the Museum of Industry and Waterways, an ELA lens on the Antonio Varacalli Bridge and Ludovico Sculpture Trail, and through a social studies lens at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park. Team 7 students were placed in charge of their learning as they researched the locations before the trip, became experts on one of the four sites, and then led their classmates through the lesson while presenting at their specific locale. The experience was a success and taught the Team that we can learn in several different ways depending on the lenses we choose to see the world through.

Marcus Whitman High School

High School students look at Science presentations on laptops

Top 10 Students of the Class of 2018 Announced: