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Middlesex Valley Primary School

students creating the body systems with art materials

January 2019: First grade students being innovative creating the systems of the body with various art materials.

Kindergarten students using materials to retell the story of "the three billy goats gruff"

January 2019: Kindergarten students using STEAM materials to retell the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff.”

Gorham Intermediate School

Marcus Whitman Middle School

Seven Students and two teachers, all holding their guitars

On December 19, 2018 Maureen McGuire from Channel 8 News joined seven 8th grade guitar students to record the song "You Are My Sunshine." Assisting in the production of the project were Mrs. Blueye, Mr. Bond and Mr. Law. Guitar players pictured in the front from left to right are Katherine Cline, Devin Sampson and Megan Gang. Back row left to right are Hunter Hudson, Bryce Tomion, Rylan Weissinger and Austin King. Adults pictured are Mr. Law and Maureen McGuire. 

Marcus Whitman High School

View Chronicle Express, Yates County Art Show ArticleMarch 2019

 12th Grader Amy Borisuk with her Award Winning Photo

10th Grader Hanna Cole with her printmaking artwork

9th Grader Lilly Johnson with her ceramic sculpture

10th Grader Miranda Hampton with her award winning photo

11th Grader Lindsey Johnston with her award winning fauvist self portrait

12th grader Gretta Crume with her ceramic sculpture