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Middlesex Valley Primary School


In Art the students will are creating their own Uglydolls and giving them a story. They are learning how to make simple stitches to create their monster’s form and give their face an expression. We will be using felt and yarn to sew our Uglydolls. The stories they create tell characteristics about the Uglydoll and allow them to explore storytelling. Some of the stitches we will be learning are: Overcast Stitch: one that goes out and around Backstitch: creates a line, goes back upon itself. 

Gorham Intermediate School

4 graders

4th grade trombonists practicing from the new smart board. Reading music just got easier! 

Marcus Whitman Middle School

Art Club Painting
Art Club Painting

The Middle School Art Club spread holiday cheer by decorating windows like this one! Great job MS Art Club!

Marcus Whitman High School

Art Class

Art Happenings

-Austin Kephart

Despite the renovations around the school, Mr. Rowe and the Art Department still have exciting plans for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. The various art classes the High School offers are currently spread across the Board Room turned Mac Lab as well as a spare room which has been temporarily converted into an art room. When asked about the move, Mr. Rowe said “[the move] has been a challenge but everyone is very excited about our new room.” The room he’s referring to, which will be ready by the end of the Holiday Break, is planned to have major renovations such as removed walls and a kiln right in the High School. Other additions include completely new storage and workspaces with adjustable standing desks with wheels to replace the previous furniture. More pottery wheels are planned to be added as well as the installation of more display cases in the Art & Music Wing. This nearly triples the space for art to be shown. Despite the chaos, Mr. Rowe is planning on submitting student work to both the Yates and Ontario County art shows this year, as well as holding the annual Marcus Whitman District Art Show, which is held on May 19th along with Senior Project presentations, the Budget Vote, a chicken BBQ, and more. These three shows will highlight the artwork of various mediums such as drawing and painting, digital art, and photography. The art department has been having a great year so far!