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Important Senior Yearbook Due Dates for 2022-2023 YEARBOOK

Senior Poll Sheet – Due Friday, October 7th
This is the Senior Survey of your classmates in different and various categories. This will be a google form
Senior Box Info Sheet – Due Friday, October 14th
This is your individual information that will appear next to your Senior Portrait and your Senior Candid photo. This will be a google form
Senior Baby Pic– Due Friday, October 21st
This image will appear on a separate page and can be emailed/dropped off.  DO NOT EMAIL THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL. IT GETS DELETED FROM THE EMAIL.
Mr. Grzeskowiak (
Ms. Minehan (
Senior Portrait and Senior Candid– Due Friday, October 28th
These images will appear in your individual senior box and can be emailed/dropped off.DO NOT EMAIL THROUGH YOUR SCHOOL EMAIL. IT GETS DELETED FROM THE EMAIL
Mr. Grzeskowiak (
Ms. Minehan (
Specifications for the senior portrait:
Overall size - 2”x 3” minimum (vertical pose).
Allow plenty of time
We know things get crazy at the last minute. Plan so that the yearbook staff receives the print before Oct. 28, 2022.  Keep deadlines in mind and make appointments that give the photographer time to photograph & deliver the digital image/print on time. Only photos received by this deadline will be guaranteed a spot in the senior portrait section. These deadlines are established by the yearbook publisher and cannot be changed.
What isn’t acceptable…in your SENIOR PORTRAIT
·         No props, including pets, cars, musical instruments, hands, mirrors, flowers.
·         No T-shirts, inappropriate emblems or slogans, no hats.
·         Faces can’t be obscured by clothing, sunglasses, or other items.
·         Images that are blurry, softened, or low resolution; images that are of poor quality (this  
includes Polaroid-type prints, scanned images, copier prints) cannot be used.
The best reproduced images are digital. The yearbook format is produced digitally & digital images are required. If a print is submitted, it will need to be scanned and scanned images are never as clear as digital.
Specifications that provide the best digital images:
Save the image at high resolution – at least 300
Size the image to 9w x 11h (picas). Other sizes will have to be cropped to fit the yearbook format and the result may not be what you want. It is better to have the image too large rather than too small.
Questions?   E-mail the YB advisor's:        
Damian Grzeskowiak:      Phone: (585) 554-6441 x1310
Johanna Minehan:                Phone: (585) 554-6441 x1211