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ECO Summary

Marcus Whitman Central School ECO Program Summary, May 2021:
  • ECO will be celebrating its 25th year in 2021-2022 and has served over 677 students. 
  • ECO provides a comprehensive, rigorous, relevant curriculum that is environmentally focused and experientially based. 
  • ECO's curriculum themes include outdoor recreation, watershed study, field and forest/flora and fauna, environmental issues, business enterprise, service, and community. 
  • ECO participants are selected by an applicant lottery. 
  • ECO has a diverse student population that promotes social interaction and personal growth for students. 
  • ECO offers students a positive learning and social environment and successfully prepares them for later grades. 
  • The ECO opportunity encourages student-teacher-family communication and positive home-school relationships to develop. 
  • Opportunities for family participation are provided frequently through seven “whole-school” evening meetings per year, parent-student-teacher conferences, and parental participation in other activities if desired.  
  • ECO’s small, team-based, home-based, instructional setting encourages professional growth and a commitment by teachers that emphasizes “cultural practices as opposed to contractual practices.”
  • ECO provides parents and students the opportunity to have an active choice in the child’s public school education.
  • ECO is doing what the charter school movement is proposing to accomplish: 1) provides school choice; 2) provides an alternative instructional model; 3) encourages professional challenge and accountability. 
For more information, please contact: Malcolm MacKenzie or Samantha Wolf MWCS ECO Program
Marcus Whitman Middle School 4100 Baldwin Rd.
Rushville, NY 14544
May 2021