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Code of Conduct 2018-19

ROAR Expectations

This condensed version of the Code of Conduct is an overview for primary aged students and is not a substitute for the complete Code of Conduct.

Staff and students will be held accountable for behaving in accordance with the unabridged version available in every school main office or Policy 7310 School Conduct and Discipline 

Please review the complete Code of Conduct each school year and sign the Parent/Guardian Signature Page acknowledging acceptance and review of this document.

Student Behavior Expectations


I am responsible for my words and actions.

I will use kind words and actions that do not hurt others.

I will do my best to make sure that everyone feels like they are an important part of our school community.


I will organize my space so that I may do my best work.


I am accountable for what I say and do. If I make a mistake I will do my best to correct it.

I will always have what I need for school such as materials for my classroom, library books, and sneakers for Physical Education.


I will be respectful of myself and others.

I will do my best to show my respect by:

Using kind words,

Using a thoughtful tone of voice

Keeping my hands and my feet to myself.

Cafeteria Expectations


Follow the directions of the adult supervisor


Eat your own food. Sharing/Trading food is not allowed.

Pick up any trash that has fallen to the floor and throw it out.


Know your cafeteria pin number.

Throw garbage in the trash

Place trays neatly in window.

Line up neatly and quietly

Walk single file when exiting the cafeteria


Clean up your area when finished eating

Use table manners and quiet voices


Stand in line quietly

Raise hand for permission or assistance

Respect others personal space

Respond to the signal to be silent

Wait your turn

Hallway Expectations



Stay to the right side of the hallway

Respect those learning in  other parts of the school


Go in and out through the right hand door

Stay with your class or with whom you are walking


Go directly to your destination

Ask for help if you are unsure where to go or do not know where your class is.


Use quiet voices throughout the building

Keep hands off of walls and wall art

Keep hands and feet to yourself and off of other's bodies or their items

Be courteous and polite to others

Use basic manners such as waiting your turn, holding the door for others and speaking kindly.

Bathroom Expectations


Use bathroom appropriately

Keep water in the sink. Wipe up any spills.


Tell an adult if the bathroom needs attention

Toilet paper goes in the toilet. Paper towels go in the garbage


Be patient and wait your turn.

Wash and dry hands after you finish going to the bathroom


Flush when done

Keep the bathroom clean

Don't waste water, soap or paper towels

Return directly to your class when finished


Respect others privacy and personal space

Use quiet voices

Never run or play in the bathrooms. No hanging from the doors or stalls. Keep your body off the floor.

Arrival & Dismissal Expectations


Walk at all times


Have all materials secure in back pack


Be to school on time, if not riding the school bus

Go directly to your classroom during arrival


Keep hands, feet and objects to your self

Use a quiet, calm voice.

Respect others' personal space

Respond to adult directions

Should an adult greet you, return the greeting by saying ''hello" or something similar.

Bus Expectations


Remain seated while the-bus is in motion

Keep all hands and objects inside the bus and out of the aisle


Keep all materials secure in your back pack until you arrive to school or home


No food or drink allowed on the bus


Follow bus driver instructions

Use a quiet voice

Allow others to sit with you

Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself

Assembly Expectations


Enter and leave calmly and quietly


Sit on your bottom with hands and feet to yourself

Remain seated until instructed to stand or exit


Pay attention to the presentation


Be silent when signal is given

Be a good listener

Be respectful to the speaker

Respond appropriately and respectfully

Classroom Expectations


Follow the directions of the teacher or adult in charge

Get your work done in a timely manner

Pick up any trash that has fallen to the floor and throw it out.


Help keep the classroom clean and organized

Return items to their proper place


Always try your best

Complete your work

Ask questions if you are not sure what to do



Raise hand to be called on to respond or ask a question

Respect others space and items

Respond to the signal to be silent

Wait your turn when necessary

Drinking Fountain Expectations


Do not place your mouth on the fountain


Wait patiently for your turn

Keep the area clean


Finish your drink in five seconds or at the end of the teacher's count


Stand behind the person using the fountain until they have finished

Playground Expectations


Get on and off equipment safely

Take care of the equipment

Keep track of your own belongings

Inform an adult of unsafe behaviors or incidents


Put equipment away when finished


Play by the rules in game situations

Line up quickly when called

Listen for instructions



Play with others

Take turns

Be a good sport

Snow is for building snowmen.

Students are not allowed to enter the woods next to !he playground.

Cross to the playground only with adult supervision

Teachers are expected to be active with supervision. Interact with the students. Be conscious of what is happening on the playground and with the students. Move about the playground among the students so your physical presence can preempt potential problems.