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High School Nurse - Michelle Rohring, RN

                                   (585) 554-6441 x1426

                                   (585) 554-4810  Fax



Middle School Nurse - Michelle Rohring, RN

                                      (585) 554-6441 x1426

                                      (585) 554-4810  Fax



Gorham Intermediate - Melissa Green, RN

                                        (585) 526-6351

                                        (585) 526-4435 Fax



Middlesex Valley Primary - Ellen Lightfoote, RN

                                    (585) 554-3115

                                    (585) 554-6172 Fax




** New Immunization Regulations**

1 Meningococcal vaccination is required to enter grades 7,8 & 9

2 Meningococcal vaccinations are required to enter grade 12

(unless the student was 16 or order when the first injection was received)

Each student must have proof of having received the Meningococcal Vaccine 

New York State 2018-2019 Immunization Requirements for School Entrance:  See below


Summer Physicals offered Thursday, August 2nd at 8:00am in the HS Nurse's office

(you must sign up with Mrs. Rohring prior to the 2nd.  No last minute sign ups or walk-ins.) 

* Offered through Dr. Ostrander's office and held at High School Nurse's office 

* No cost 

* Date to be posted in July 


* Necessary for students to play a school sport & working papers Contact Mrs. Rohring to sign student up @ or  585-554-6441 x4 

Physical exams are valid for one calendar year.  If you choose to have a physical by your primary care physician, a copy of the exam must be given to the school nurse. The link below is NYS mandated  physical form to be filled out by your student's physician. 


The student's doctor must fill out the Medication Form (posted below) and the student's parent must fill out their portion. The doctor will need to determine if the medication is to be administered by the school nurse or if the student is able to carry and self administer the medication. It can be faxed to the MWCSD High School/Middle School Nurse @ 585-554-4810. All medicine must be transported to school by an adult in an original container if the doctor does not want them to self carry the medication.  A new order must be sent for each school year.

Screenings *IMPORTANT*

Throughout the school year I will be screening students in grades 7 & 9  for Scoliosis.  Information regarding Scoliosis is posted below.  I will also be screening student's vision and hearing in grades 7 & 11.  Referral letters are only sent home if your student requires further evaluation.   

If you do not want the screening done by the school nurse and you would prefer to have it done by you own doctor, please contact the school in writing to request the screening not be done.  Please sign and date the request, and make sure to include your child's name.  The request must be received by the October 1, 2018  because screenings will begin after that date. 

Dental Certificates

New York State has recommended that students entering 10th grade provide the school nurse with a copy of a dental certificate (form posted below) filled out by their dentist with in the last 12 months.

Working Papers


Work permits are now issued in Mrs. Walters'  office between the hours of 7:30 am and 3:00 pm during the school year.  Applications are available in my office and are also posted below.  Part I will need to be completed and brought in to Mrs. Walters.   In order to issue a work permit a copy of your student's physical, completed within the last 12 months, must be on file in my office.

14-15 Year Olds

16-17 Year Olds